Ideal rinse treatment for post-coloring thanks to its active ingredients; Goji extract, wheat protein and milk. Its seals off, protects and nourishes the hair achieving a more intense and lasting color; Thanks to the amino acids it contains, it completes and perfects the hair color service while conditioning the hair to facilitate the unraveling. Use it after rinsing out Shampoo di Goji, applying a small amount on the hair, leave to act of 1 to 3 minutes and rinse with abundant water. To extend Color Protection we recommend using Fluido di Goji before combing.


Hair mask/conditioner enhanced with amino acids that perfects the coloring process, sealing the color for a lasting effect. By its active principles it seals off, protects and nourishes the hair achieving a brighter and more intense color.


Mascarilla/acondicionador, potenciado con aminoácidos que perfecciona el proceso de coloración, sellando el color para un efecto duradero. Por sus principios activos, sella, protege y nutre el cabello, logrando un color más brillante e intenso.


3 ways of use:
1. As a conditioner. 
2. As a mask - leave it on damp hair for 10-15 minutes then rinse through. 
3. As an intense hair treatmentment - use a hair cap, apply heat, leave it for 10-15 min then rinse through.

3 formas de uso:
1.- Como acondicionador.
2.- Como una mascarilla- dejar en cabello húmedo por 10-15 minutos y enjuagar.
3.- Como tratamiento intensivo- En cabello húmedo cubrir con gorro de ducha, aplicar calor, dejar por 10-15 min y enjuagar.

Maschera di Goji


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