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It's easy to get confused and not know what exactly a bridal trial is. After all you've never had to get one until now. A bridal trial in simple forms is a test run of what your hair and make up will look like for your big day. This is important to do in order to avoid any hiccups during the actual day and to have a game plan of what the day will actually consist of. A Bridal makeup trial and hair trial are both must-dos before your big day. Here's how to make the most of your bridal trials

Choose your pros wisely

Long before your trial you need to shop around and look for the right beauty professionals

which brides typically do by browsing their portfolios and social media accounts, checking their online reviews, and comparing the stylists’ overall aesthetics. Choosing a great stylist is the most essential step to a successful trial and a wedding look you’ll love! Once you've got your pick start sharing ideas with them, maybe share your inspo board on Pinterest with them so that when you do meet them they already know what you like.

Figure out what you want and DON'T want

Many times brides come in and they have absolutely no idea of what they'd like to do for their hair and/or makeup, and that's okay! But unless you trust your artist completely and you trust you'll love anything they do, you better start figuring out at least what you don't like. This narrows down the endless possibilities of things that could be done. Like wise you maybe a bride that likes everything and has a Pinterest board full of different looks. It’s pretty hard for a talented stylist to make you look bad, but narrowing down your inspiration to a few key looks that you love will yield the best result. Just show up with some clear idea of what you want, and some pins or photos to make the trial easier for your stylist and you.

Have the rest of your look planned

Before you even think about booking your trial, you should have your dress and accessories set in stone. This is because your bridal hair and makeup should perfectly complement your dress, and your accessories should perfectly complement everything else. Stylists work with accessories and dress lines as tools of their trade!

Not only are dress and accessories important to note but other details as well. Thinking of clip-in extensions? Have them colored and at a separate appointment, before your wedding hair trial, also consult with your hair stylist to see what extensions work best for that day. Or if you’re set on wearing a piece of heirloom jewelry, your makeup artist will want to select colors that complement it, rather than overdoing it. The bottom line? All of the components of your wedding look should work together cohesively, so everything should be on the table at your bridal trial.

Be your true self

One obvious thing is to not make any drastic changes before your wedding date or bridal trial. Your hair should be wedding-ready when you go to your hair trial, and it should be a length and cut that you like and are used to. Same goes for skin, don't get a fake tan right before your makeup trial and don't get any skin-altering facial treatments. You’ll want as neutral a canvas as possible for your hair and makeup specialist to work their magic. Additionally, it’s important that you share with your stylist all the details of your hair—you know it best. Examples of key details to share are how well it holds curl and whether it looks best up or down, etc. Be honest with your stylist (and yourself) and you will shine on your wedding

Don’t be afraid to get what you want

Once your stylist has finished your look, whether it’s your hairstyle or makeup, don’t hesitate to speak up if it’s not what you were hoping for, or if you want changes made. The wedding makeup trial and hair trial is all about you. Don't worry about offending your stylist if you ask for some modifications. In fact, they’ll be expecting that! Remember, the goal of this appointment is to lock in your wedding day look exactly as you want it, so you can cruise into your wedding morning feeling confident and ready. The closer you get to perfection during the hair and makeup trials for your wedding, the better!

Have fun!

Your wedding hair trial and wedding makeup trial are important, but should also be a time to kick back, relax, and get pampered! Go in with a positive attitude and let yourself have a good time while you get beautified. Trust your inspiration, your beauty squad and you'll come out radiating!

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