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One question I’ve been asked at the salon a lot is, “Is a bridal makeup trial really necessary?”. The short answer is YES!. On one of the biggest days of your life, it’s important to try to avoid any hiccups that may occur and make sure that the day goes smoothly. A trial is a form of insurance for not only the bride but also the artist. In fact, many artists are starting to make a trial mandatory, and include it in their bridal rates. While we still offer a trial as optional,

I will give you 5 reasons as to why my response to that question is always “YES!”

1. A trial is more than just practice for your big day. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know your artist’s personality and their skill level, and to determine if they are the right fit for you. You want to be comfortable with them and make sure they are able to execute your desired style or makeup look.

2. As professionals, we will always try to please the client but sometimes, the desired look is not always possible depending on your hair or skin type or face shape. A trial is a good time to discuss your options and to try different looks that will work for you. It may be necessary to purchase hair extensions or other products ahead of time to achieve the desired results. Speak to your stylist about these addons.

3. While professional makeup artists try to work with mostly hypoallergenic products, it is possible that you may be allergic to an ingredient in a cosmetic or hair product. Your wedding day is definitely not the day you want to discover you are allergic to latex eyelash glue or the red dye in purple eye shadow. A trial gives you the opportunity to test out not only the final look, but also the products used.

4. Wedding day schedules tend to be pretty tight, so knowing exactly what look is desired and how long it takes to perform can save a lot of valuable time. Being prepared and having details done before hand is key. For example getting your brows done a day or two before the wedding could change your makeup look a lot and benefit you. Knowing where your vail will be placed in advance is also a important factor to note.

5. A trial run is also a great opportunity to discuss any details such as the number of attendants and services, a timeline for the day, and recommendations from the artist. Ask your stylist what they recommend and talk details.

Trials are necessary and something every bride should account for. If you have any questions check out our post on what to expect for your bridal trial. Remember to have fun!

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